Home Door Repair

Repair and Install Door Sweeps

Door sweeps, are an inexpensive and effective way to increase draft protection. Sweeps are attached to the bottom of your door to provide a physical barrier, typically rubber, against cold that could seep through the crack between the door bottom and floor.

The Five Basic Types of Door Bottoms:

  1. The Slide-On- The easiest to install. Slide off the old sweep, slide on the new.
  2. The Snap-In- Can normally be installed without removing the door. They fit into a kerf cut in the bottom of the door.
  3. The Wrap-Around- Easy to install and are adjustable but sometimes requires installing new holes in the door.
  4. The L-Shape- Screws to the inside surface of the door. Easy to install and adjust, but doesn’t always work well
  5. The Staple-On- Requires removing the door from the frame. This type of door bottom is generally found on wood doors.